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- CTO, CIO, Infrastructure

Build, Scale, Soar

Confidently with security embedded in your cloud infrastructure 

The Invi Grid Advantage

Your ally in innovating rapidly, taking the business to market fast, and keeping business agile


Speed with Stability

Invi Grid redefines cloud infrastructure provisioning,
allowing you to ship products at an unprecedented pace without compromising on security
or stability.


Innovation at
the Core

We embrace technological advancement to ensure you stay ahead of the curve while maintaining security and resilience. Visibility, searchability, in a unified platform that hyper automates to enhance team productivity.


Expertise at your fingertips

Decision intelligence to fortify your cloud infrastructure, making you framework compliant day zero. Fast, easy and unified improving developer and devops velocity.

Be Swift, Be Sure


The Invi Grid IGICloud   Platform helps CIOs and CTOs to:

Go to the market at
lightning speeds.

Sign customer contracts faster.

Prevent drift and sprawls.

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