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We are looking for Go Getters

Apply Below

Full Stack Engineer

5+ years in full stack development

Experience with both backend and frontend frameworks

Building and shipping web applications, especially complex b2b products

Deploying in cloud environments

Working in teams of varying skillsets including design and security

Handling the entire development cycle

Passion for security


Preferred experience

Working at a startup

Experience as a manager, tech lead, architect

Determine and build metrics to measure product success



Starting as a founding engineer

Doing meaningful cutting-edge work

Solving real problems facing cybersecurity



Humility, teamwork, integrity, resilience.


​If you are majoring in computer science and thinking about a cybersecurity career, then an internship opportunity with Invi Grid Inc. will help you break into the cybersecurity space.  Work with current and former CISO /heads of security to build the next generation solutions in cloud security. We are looking for an immediate start. 

Invi Grid  India Careers

Full stack Engineer
India Career
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