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Invi Grid Secure by Design

Secure by Design Cloud Infrastructure with
Invi Grid Intelligent Cloud* 

Security Day Zero & Beyond

Don’t be a Statistic


cloud security failures will be the customer's fault; mainly due to cloud resource misconfiguration. 


Developers believe
that security policies are
stifling innovation.


Only 22% of developers strongly agree
that they understand which security policies they are expected to comply with. 

Be Secure by Design

Invi Grid empowers and enabled cloud provisioning with security built-in.

Invi Grid frees developers from undifferentiated, mundane cloud provisioning tasks and enables them to focus on innovation.

Invi Grid automates security policy incorporation and enforcement so developers don’t have to worry about compliance.

Overcome the Cloud Security Challenges of Today

for a Safer, Secure, and Successful Tomorrow


When you say YES to

InviGrid Intelligent Cloud 

Security by Design, 

you say NO to:

Paying 100x more to fix and remediate issues that could have been avoided.

Spending expensive expert resources' time in mundane undifferentiated tasks.

Weeks and months on end to provision infrastructure and deploy your applications, software, and products to the cloud.

Prolonging the time required to go to market.

Increasing the chances of developing an insecure infrastructure, leading to high breach risk.

Manual, error prone cloud configuration processes.

Rethink Your CloudOps Workflow with IGiCloud™

Use Invi Grid Platform for Cloud Deployment and Security Posture, so you can focus on your business growth

Free your devops and security professionals from mundane error prone tasks.

Gain ROI of over $1m.

Observe reduced security risk from day zero.

Save time with hyper automation and workflows.

Get one unified platform instead of multiple-point solutions.

Stay Secure by Design

protects your cloud applications with

Secure & resilient infrastructure foundation

Robust policy & risk intelligence

Copilot for well architected and well governed clouds.


Cloud Dinosaur to Cloud Cheetah


Invi Grid Intelligent Cloud

Remove barriers to rapid cloud adoption with
decision intelligence and hyper automation

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 Secure by Design and Secure by Default initiative

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure
Agency launched the

in April 2023.
Invi Grid has been a visionary,
leading this space since 2021! 

Story & Team

Story behind the name Invi Grid

"Invi" is short for the English word “invigorate” and the Sanskrit word “invati” that means to infuse strength.
We infuse strength to your cloud operations and security cycles!

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