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About us

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About us

We at Invi Grid are on a mission to vastly improve today’s public cloud security landscape.

Tired of dealing with security issues that never get fixed? Think security is a hindrance to rapid innovation? Let us show you how to build clouds that follow secure by design principles in a fast & easy way. Complete the form below to join the invite list and start your secure cloud journey with us. 

Our Solution

Our solution is a game changer that up levels and fills unmet needs. We provide a customer centric, customer driven, intelligent cloud security solution. Our focus is on elegant implementation, usability and delivering an effective end-to-end solution.

We are using novel Patent Pending technology to radically improve and enhance the cloud security landscape.

The Market

Today’s market is full of cumbersome, difficult-to-deploy and manage solutions.

Cloud customers continuously face increasing complexities, threats and skills shortages without the right toolset to meet these challenges. There are massive, ever increasing cloud infrastructure security gaps and risks. Cloud computing is experiencing explosive growth and adoption, 

driven by a number of factors.



Our founding team brings decades of world class experience that is broad and deep, spanning security, cloud, technology and business operations. We have vision and deep insight into cloud security solution needs, gained through direct, relevant experience. We have a well-established Advisory Team that provides extraordinary ongoing  guidance. We have amazing, engaged Enterprise Design Partners who provide valued input and feedback that is integrated into solution design and development.


We Are Invi Grid

Our team has decades of experience in cybersecurity, cloud operations, product and services development, transformations and bringing amazing solutions to market. We have helped numerous enterprise enterprises succeed globally. We are working with select initial enterprise Design Partners to create a next generation solutions portfolio that will elegantly catapult cloud adoption and transformations to success. 


Engineering and User Interface Teams

Our Engineering and User Interface Teams are talented and dedicated to leading edge innovation, as well as secure practices and delivery of the highest quality solution in the industry. 

We are a closely coupled global team that works hand-in-hand and side-by-side to make our vision a reality and brilliantly fulfill our customers’ needs.



Join the team

Join the Team

If you thrive on building, learning and growing in an exciting, dynamic team environment with unlimited potential, come join us…

We are a world class team building an unprecedented enterprise cloud security solution. We value you and your contributions and we listen to and learn from each other. This is a ground floor opportunity to join the founding team, where the growth potential is tremendous and sky’s the limit for opportunities.

If you enjoy working in a collaborative, supportive team-oriented startup culture and use leading edge technology every day to solve the most difficult, complex cloud security challenges, check out the opportunities below and apply.




“I have not seen anything like this in the market!” 

"Brilliant", "Wow", "As you achieve this mission. I will be right behind you!"

CISO, Financial services

"Superb", "Loved it"

CEO Hospitality

"Tool of choice"

Global Firm

"Magic mirror!"

SVP, IT, Public Tech company

“We had no idea

what templates created which resources ”

CTO Travel & Hospitality

"Love it.

My next job is Invi Grid’s salesman!"
Security Leader, Financial Services

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