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Leadership and Team
  • Company values driven from the top. 

  • Vision that originates from direct experience and deep insight into industry needs.

  • Founding team leadership with decades of experience in stellar teams at world class organizations.

  • Amazing Design Partners and extraordinary extended team of Advisors with strong and deep professional expertise.

  • Customer centric and customer driven. 

  • Fills unmet needs in the industry.

  • Ground up vs. bolted on security product/service.

  • Ease of implementation and use.

  • Novel approach and solution with Patent Pending.

  • Explosive growth in cloud computing. 

  • Deep need for solutions to meet cloud infrastructure security gaps.

  • Security tools are complex, difficult to manage and cumbersome at best. Invi Grid is changing that with a novel end-to-end approach.

  • Tremendous and exciting growth opportunities.

  • A collaborative, supportive team-oriented, learning culture.

  • Ground floor opportunity to work in a world class team and organization building a world class enterprise product and service.

  • Leading edge use of technology to solve challenging business problems.

  • Learn and grow every day in an exciting, dynamic growth company with great team members and leadership.

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